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Wedding Role-play

We're doing a fake wedding! We need a bride, a groom, a flower girl, priest, visitors (you could just be your OCs), dresser upper, ring boy, Bell ringer, music constructor, music players, cake maker, wedding dresser, setter upper, and design team. Have fun! And make sure you dress up in the appropriate clothes depending on who you are. If you are a visitor, or design team, you can wear normal, everyday clothes, if you are the wedding dresser, music constructor, music player, flower girl, ring boy or bell ringer, wear something formal. If you are the bride, wear a wedding dress, and if you are the groom, wear a tuxedo.

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  • RockinAura

    I'm groom, now who's going to be my bride?

    2days ago

  • RockinAura

    Can I be groom? I'm a newbie...plus you tell me about avachara.com. So can I join? I'll change.

    2days ago

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