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What is the design that DESIGNALIKIE thinks about?

By the power of design and technology, things can move forward.
Design is the recipient "feel good" is to create an object. The recipient's vision / hearing / touch / taste / smell of "feel " by being designed to appeal to, and maximize the quality of goods is where our aim.
Daily use that are used
The object to be technical design, make sure you use a purpose. Its purpose is the final result Deattari, Deattari tool to guide the results, regardless of whether there is a way, there is a statue for the job. Even if the purpose of having two matches, when, where, how or how often used, it can be something completely different forms depending on whether the image is used to draw.

Future Efforts

Digital Content Development
iPhone, Android apps, game development.
WEB Service Building.
3D technology, networks, virtual technologies, content production and Animation.
Virtual network of virtual experience
Building a virtual experience and virtual space by providing a social network

Approach after 30 years

Construction of city
Environmental design from city to the country
Car that flies over the sky
Development and manufacturing of vehicle
Virtual space and network by real experience
Providing with service of construction row social network of virtual space by real experience

Directionality of DESGINALIKIE

There is power that improves the world in the design. There is power that changes the world.
I want to form the group that solves the problem and the problem of the world with the design power and technology by the design idea.
The respect is brushed off to the past and predecessors, and the new future is developed by the design and the technology. It is DESIGNALIKIE.

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