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DESIGNALIKIE Work contents

Corporate Services Business

Corporate site production, site production company, producing promotional site, landing page creation, site promotions, web strategy, WEB Design, WEB Applications

Logo, business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, flyers, DM, DTP work

Consumer services

  • Game application program production
  • iPhone application program development
  • Android application program development
  • Android game production
  • Graphic design making
  • Art poster making and sales
  • Graphic T-shirt making and sales
  • Image and animation production
  • VJ (space production by image)
  • Cartoon animation making
  • Avatar making site
  • Charatore
  • Anichara

Dak member web services

Create an avatar creation site of the original character image. Free.
Create an avatar creation site of the original animated character image. Free.
This is a collection of illustrations produced DESGINALIKIE. Please use images as wallpaper or profile. Personal use is free.
dak Store
We sell items like avatar clothing and accessories.

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