ChildBaby is a free character make app that can create cute baby or small children portrait character illustrations.

  • No body part is selected.
  • No face part is selected.
  • No eye part is selected.
  • No nose part is selected.
  • No mouth part is selected.
  • No brow part is selected.
  • No hair part is selected.

Private use of the character image (Free)

Please use such as the goods in the baby and children cards and seal.

Image Format:PNG

Image Size:360px X 495px

If commercial and corporate use (paid)

If you wish to commercial and corporate use image (paid version) is, "to buy" button to than the order form.

Paid version can choose a convenient background transparent to edit.It does not have any copyright notation.

If you select all of the face parts will be displayed buttons of portrait orders.

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