Avachara is a website to create your avatar. You can free your avatar, as you like to create.

Avachara Help

In general

Q.What is Avachara Avatar?
Avachara Avatar, just click on each part, you can create a character site. After you create a character, such as images can be used as avatars of their profile.
Yes. Free to create characters, please use the site as a communications and profile picture in his blog.
However, the license will be charged in the case of commercial use and the corporation.About the license fee. If you want to use,Please contact to us.

About Character Creation

Q.To create your avatar?
Face, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, please click on each part.
Q.The selected image does not appear?
Please try to reload the screen.
Q.To save a character created by me?
The character was created under the "Camera" Please click the icon. Will be created in several sizes and image formats.

Terms of copyright and corporate

Q.Copyright owners have created characters?
To operate the Avachara DESIGNALIKIE all rights reserved.
Q.The problem with characters created without permission?
If your personal use, you can feel free to use. Please use the site as a communications and profile picture.
Q.I want to use in advertising and the company?
Use in corporate and product advertising fee for the license. About the license fee.If you want to use,Please contact to us.

Copyright DESIGNALIKIE, Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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