Charatoon is free app that you can make cartoon character for yourself.

Please select the gender at the beginning.

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Create Cartoon Character
  • Skin Color
  • 肌色
  • 日焼け
  • 白人
  • 黒人


  • Eye Color
  • 黒目
  • 茶色の目
  • 青い目
  • Brow Color
  • 眉毛カラー黒色
  • 眉毛カラー茶色
  • 眉毛カラー脱色
  • Hair Color
  • 黒髪
  • 茶髪
  • 金髪

About Charatoon

Charatoon is a portrait application that can be created simply by clicking the portrait of cartoon illustrations. I can also play in the smartphone even on PCs. Private (non-profit) available free profile image as Facebook, Twitter, such as Google+. Commercial use, such as corporate and commercial and advertising is paid.

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